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EPOCH - Better Care for Surgical Patients

The EPOCH team

Kirsty Everingham
Dr Kirsty Everingham (Research Manager)

Kirsty is currently on maternity leave, please direct any queries to the EPOCH Trial Manager, Ann Thomson

Kirsty graduated from the University of Stirling in 2000 as a registered nurse. She worked as a critical care nurse for several years before she took up a position as a critical care infection surveillance nurse in 2004 and then a critical care research coordinator in 2008; both posts held at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. She has completed an MSc in Public Health Research and a PhD in Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She joined the adult critical care research team at The Royal London Hospital in September 2012.

Tim Stephens
Tim Stephens - EPOCH QI co-ordinator

Tim graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1999 as a registered nurse. He worked in critical care for several years before setting up a multi-professional patient safety training program across Barts Health, utilising various methods including in-situ simulation training, team training interventions and quality improvement projects. He completed an MSc in Global Health and Development at University College London in 2011. His research interests include workforce training and health system improvement, particularly in the field of acute care, both within the UK and in resource limited settings.

Rupert Pearse
Rupert Pearse - Chief Investigator

Rupert graduated from St George’s University of London where he completed much of his early research and clinical training. He was appointed Senior Lecturer at QMUL in 2006 and promoted to Proferssor in 2013. His research interests include improving outcomes following major surgery and the cardiovascular pathophysiology of critical illness due to trauma, surgery and sepsis.

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